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Andean Shamanism

    Throughout our trajectory in community with our local Andean people of Cusco and our visitors. We have seen that there are many who are called to the Belly Button of the World with the purpose of some kind of Divine encounter, Spiritual cleansing, healing or Shamanism, coming from the other side of the world only

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    Alternative Inca Trail Pumamarca Ollantaytambo

      It is inevitable not to share the beautiful feeling of traveling and knowing, to learn from each authentic place that, because it is unique, will teach us in its own way the connection with our own center … that center that is overshadowed by a hectic life and without time for oneself, I read that

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      Alternative Tours off the Beaten Path – Cusco Origins

        Cuando queremos entender el gran misterio de Cusco debemos empezar por su lenguaje nativo, ya que el quechua es uno de las lenguas mas antiguas habladas en todo el mundo, nos daremos cuenta que el quechua aplicada a la mitología Inca, incluso a sus textiles nos llevan al Origen de la vida, y la armonía

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