Andean Cosmology Tours

The Andean cosmology is only used by some locals who still keep this knowledge inherited from the Incas, it is a matter of transmitting in depth the ancestral wisdom of the ancients, who were the keepers of these master teachings sheltered only by high Andean priests, these Teachings were transmitted through their “Huacas” or Ancient Power temples, where the initiates were trained and began their journey through a long pilgrimage for their own evolution of consciousness and power to reach the “Hanan Pacha”, ” The Hheaven”.

The Inca Andean Cosmology considered that nature, man and Pachamama (Mother Earth), are a whole that live closely and perpetually related. That totality seen in nature, is for the Andean Culture, a living being. Man has a soul, a life force, and so do all plants, animals and mountains, etc., and since man is nature itself, he does not dominate, nor does he pretend to dominate it, rather he seeks the total harmony  between the human being and creation.