Andan Ritual Offerings


On this tour we will have the opportunity to be witnesses in an ancient Andean Ritual, where we make an offering to Mother Earth in a Sacred Inca temple with an Andean Healer.

(8:30am) – Pick up from your hotel in the Sacred Valley

(8:30am-9:00am) -Private transportation will take us to the town of Urubamba or Calca  where we will eat a light Andean style breakfast (optional) and also we will get all the stuffs we need in the Market of Small Producers.
(9:00am-11:00) – Drive to the Pachar Community to visit the hidden Incan Caves, an ancient ceremonial site where we can find incredible stone carvings. Here in this Sacred Place we will witness an ancient Andean ritual where we will offer different offerings for protection and abundance, we will have the opportunity of a beautiful feeling that the mountains and Mother Earth will bring us-
(11:00pm-11:40pm) – Indigenous local “Mamacha” will be waiting for us in her own home in the community of Huycho with a delicious lunch cooked with ingredients native to the area and prepared using traditional ceramic cookware. As we enter the home of a native Andean we gain a deeper understanding of life in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas. ( optional).

(12:00pm) Drive back to your Hotel